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The Dyno Filter kit is your go to travel kit to take better photos and videos on your smartphone. With a lightweight, rugged design and travel case, you can take advantage of the most popular filters used by the pros.  Whether you are looking to take more cinematic footage, long exposure photos, or improve your outdoor photography, the Dyno Filter Kit has you covered.

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Why Use Filters?

Light creates problems when shooting outdoors with natural light. The Dyno Filter kit gives you two optical filters that allow you to take professional and cinematic content as well make impossible shots possible.

A Circular Polarizer (CPL) is your go-to filter for outdoor photography. Our CPL helps to amplify your photos by reducing unwanted haze, glare and reflections while increasing contrast and color in your images.

Our Variable ND Filter allows you to change how much light enters your camera so that you can add smooth motion blur for more cinematic footage and epic long exposure shots.

The lightweight aluminum construction of both filters coupled with our small, rugged, zipper carrying case makes it easy to throw it in your bag with the rest of your gear.

Product Features:
  • Filters have 37mm mounting thread.
  • Filters are stackable with outside threads (37mm for CPL, 40mm for ND).
  • Durable Lightweight aluminum construction of CPL and ND filters.
  • Includes 37mm smartphone clip mount compatible with most smartphones.
  • Neutral color, high quality filters.
  • Variable ND Filter- Rotate outer ring to adjust light (2-8 stops variation)
  • Variable ND Filter comes with printed markings so you can line up correct exposure every time.
  • CPL rotates to adjust the angle of polarization.
  • CPL effect is strongest outside when facing 90 degrees from the sun.
  • Zipper case come with padded foam on the bottom to hold both filters and the clip on mount as well as a mesh pocket on top for extra storage.
  • 3.5 x 3.5 inch microfiber lens cloth.
What’s Inside:
  • 37mm Circular Polarizer Filter
  • 37mm 2-400 Variable ND Filter
  • 37mm Smartphone Clip Mount
  • Lens Cloth
  • Rugged Carrying Case

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